Labertasche (german for 'chatterbox') is a lightweight and fast blog system written in Java. It's made by lfuelling and doge and uses Bootstrap, Wicket and SQLite.

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By fast, we mean fast. Labertasche runs a lot faster than most other blog systems. (Looking at you, ghost and wordpress)

It's fast because we try to keep the stuff running in the background as efficient as possible.


We built labertasche because other blog systems have way too many unneccessary features that are often unused.

Labertasche aims to be as useable as possible yet containing only features we really need.

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Labertasche can run with only 32 Megabytes of RAM allocated to it's Tomcat.

Anyway, we recommend allocating at least 128 Megabytes if you want a useful blog with more than ten simultaneous visitors.